High Grade Lymphoma

Consultant Haematologist

Dr Humayun Nazir Ahmad FRCP, FRCPath, MSc.

I specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of blood and bone marrow disorders. In this short film, I will talk about what High Grade Lymphoma is and the symptoms and signs associated with High Grade Lymphoma. I will also discuss the tests and investigations required for the diagnosis and staging of High Grade Lymphoma, and the treatment options available.
I will offer some advice on living with High Grade Lymphoma in general.

Patient Advice

Here, patients and their families explain how they dealt with the diagnosis of High Grade Lymphoma — and what advice they would give to someone recently diagnosed with it.

Haematology Nurse Specialist

As a member of the haematology team, we play an important role in the care of patients.
Our aim is to support diagnosed patients and help them understand the disease and treatment. As an informed patient, you'll be able to look after yourself much better.
As the Haematology Nurse Specialist, we can provide you with appropriate written information and signpost you to additional information on the internet. We’re also keen to provide explanations and help you to understand any complex medical terminology.